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Patient Features


It is totally FREE!

You can schedule, cancel or check your appointments, 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

Manage your entire family's appointments.

247eAppointments provides an appointment list that is very easy to read and print.

You can schedule appointments from anywhere in the world.

Doctor Features


Attracts new patients and builds loyalty through customer service improvement.

It is intuitive: quick to learn and easy to use.

Eliminates Scheduling Errors.

Maximizes appointment efficiency and puts you in control of your scheduling- while boosting profitability.

As it is a rule based system, you can customize it to fit your unique needs.



Return On Investment (ROI)

With out 247eAppointments
Monthly salary paid to an Admin who schedules appointments: $2000.00
Every no show would cost on an average of $75. At one no show per day, for 22 working days in a month, total loss in revenue: $1650.00
Phone and Mail charges to remind patients of their appointments: $500.00
Total amount spent using the traditional appointment scheduling approach $4150.00

With 247eAppointments
Once 247eA is implemented, the time spent by the Admin to schedule appointments can fall below 25%, that would translate to a savings of at least: $1500.00
Because of the convenience and ease of use, the total number of no shows will reduce by at lease 50%. At that rate, it would be savings of another $850.00
Having automated patient appointment reminders, phone bills and mailing charges can can be completely eliminated, resulting in a savings of: $500.00
Cost of our scheduling system: $175.00
Total savings by integrating 247eappointments.com into your practice: $2675.00

Your ROI = $2675 per month or $32,100 per year

If you would like us to give you an online demo or would like us to schedule a demo in your office, please call us at: 248.853.7515 or click here to submit this form.

If you would just like to get more info, please send us an e-mail with your contact details and one of our courteous sales professionals will contact you.
Our e-mail address is: Info@247eAppointments.com


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